Acquisition Services

Transact Partners provides domestic and international acquisition sourcing services to Private Equity Groups, Strategic/Corporate Acquirers and High Net Worth Individuals. Our unique sourcing methodology produces acquisition candidates based on your targeted search criteria; including many opportunities that are not currently on the market.

At Transact, our team is dedicated to understanding our buyer’s investment criteria as well as their preferences for structuring a transaction. Before we present any opportunity, we conduct an initial analysis of the company to ensure that it meets our buyer’s acquisition criteria. This analysis includes a review of the candidate’s operations, financial data, new opportunities, future projections and their expectations. Our team of attorneys ensures the protection of all confidential information and can quickly overcome any concern on the part of the seller.

On average, the Principals at Transact Partners review 15 – 20 new acquisition candidates per week. We utilize a variety of resources to uncover new opportunities for our prospective buyers including direct marketing to the targeted business owner. Transact Partners has also developed a network of affiliates, intermediaries, referral partners and independent representatives that produce new acquisition possibilities each week.

After an acquisition candidate is presented, we let our clients determine our level of involvement in the data gathering, negotiations, due diligence and closing of the transaction. We are there when you need us at anytime during the entire process.